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About Us

AlNas International is a company dedicated to enhancing environments through fragrance innovation. Since 2020, we have been committed to providing the highest-quality fragrances for spaces using safe, sustainable ingredients delivered through the most powerful nebulizing technology available.

Our Ingredients

Safe and Non-GMO

Vegan and Cruelty-Free



Why work with us?

Choosing the best fragrance for a business, and diffusing it in a particular space, is what we do for companies Bahrain. With years’ experience in the field of air-scenting in Bahrain, we are proud to say that we have been helping hundreds of businesses to implement our scents into their branding strategy to produce more value and increase their customer’s satisfaction.

Customer is our first priority

We understand that customer service and successful interaction are paramount.

Exceptional Fragrance Range

Large diversity of Fragrances suitable for shopping malls, fitness and spas, hotels, restaurants and bars, healthcare centers, etc.

Best ratio between Quality and price

Great quality at a competitive price.

World class essences

We use High Quality Fragrances that are tested and ensured by authorities.

Innovative Products

Our Research & Development team works hard to keep pace with the latest trends in the field of scent Diffusers.

Buy Or Rent

Customers can buy from us or Rent as monthly basis ( Applicable for Businesses)

The sense of smell is considered the most powerful of the human senses, which is why it is essential to creating lasting memories of places, products, or even people.

The right scent is good for business.

The right approach to scent marketing can improve customer satisfaction, create greater brand recognition, increase sales, and add value to a business or residence.

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